Prepare and Provide Real Time Investor and Manager Read-Only Reports

We prepare real time reports and enable mobile access. This keeps everyone in the know without you having to manually generate reports.  Investors and owners can see in real time key performance indicators anywhere...even on vacation...with an internet connection.
Financial Reports
Balance Sheet - Profit & Loss
Cash Flow - Income Statement
Rent Roll - Accounts History
Accounts Receivable - Accounts Payable
Recent Payments

Resident and Property Reports
Available Properties - Vacancies
Current Tenants - Resident Record - Facility Record
Lease End Management

Big Data Information - Reporting and Management
We pull in big data, monitor, interpret, and provide you with reports:
Utilities - Gas, Water, Electric
Tax management - Tax Forecasting Big Data
Registration - Code Violations - Certification Big Data

Hundreds of reports and custom reports available on request


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