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Are you sick of software?


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Rent Reinvented provides a low cost alternative to software for property managers and owners. We enable you to carry out on-site management with everything you need...and an extra hand to do the work.  

WE DO the Paperwork...YOU DO the Peoplework

We prepare, pre-fill, file, organize, store information and integrate every aspect of management into one smooth integrated process.  Further, we assist you with anything you need...anytime, anywhere and on any device.

  • Accounting - A/R and A/P
  • Online Payment - Deposits - Check Handling
  • Marketing - Lead Generation - Approval Reports
  • Document Management and Storage
  • Pre-filled Documents, Leases and Forms
  • Big Data - Utilities, Compliance, Tax Management
  • Hundreds of Reports - Financial and Operations
  • Online Communication Portals
  • Integrated Tools for:
  • Leasing - Maintenance - Shared Calandar

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